Here come the drums, here come the drums.

And they are draped in black and playing the Funeral March.

Three resignations in one week, expect many more Labor sleazebags to suddenly need to spend more time with the family.

The Years Have Been So Unkind

Nicola Roxon’s ALP Profile photo in 2010

Media Conference 2012

At a media conference on plain packaging 2012

Maybe she had an idea of things to come when she was Health Minister?

Join the CLub Folks

How dare you not believe I was just young and naive?

Not Warming, Freezing

Get the Winter woolies out folks. Not only is the world not warming, we are on the edge of a mini ice age. Although by some of the predictions for how low the solar minimum will be in Cycle25, we may be in for more than a mini ice age.

How Will they Rewrite History?

When the greatest scam on Earth falls apart, how will it be written up in history?

Or perhaps a better question, will it be written up in history, or made to disappears like something from an Orwell novel?

Read some views here.

Spain Axes Subsidies

Spain, in the face of massive debt, has axed all subsidies for new energy generation. While they have as yet left in place subsidies for existing plants, given their 23% unemployment it is not unforeseeable that in the future they may have to scrap those as well.

The Sun is playing the Funeral March for Global Warming

Get out your snow parkas people, looks more like a new mini ice age is coming rather than global warming.

Solar Cycle 25 and 15 years of no warming.

Even the Rio +20 Summit see the writing on the wall for this giant scam